6 Essential Tips for being a Better French Horn Player

The basis of being a good french horn player is good technique, so make sure you have the following points in mind the next time you’re practicing: 1) Control your breath, the french horn is a wind instrument, that means […]

The history of woodwind instruments

The history of woodwind instruments dates back to time of first made tools for domestication and farming practices. The two main woodwind instruments used during these times were; flutes and reeds. People realized that they could make music from wind […]

History of the Flute

The Flute is a musical instrument that is under the family of woodwind. Flute is basically a reedless wind musical instrument or aerophone unlike the woodwind instrument basically having reeds. Musicians who play flute are simply referred to flautist, flutist […]

History of the French Horn

The french horn passes as an exceptionally beautiful musical instrument. The quality and mellow of sound from this bass family’s second highest sounding musical instrument has no close rival either from marching band, brass ensemble or orchestra. Yet, despite all […]

The Trumpet Through The Ages

The trumpet is more than a musical instrument. It is in fact part of world history. For thousands of years, it has played part in almost all major civilizations. It is believed that the trumpet was used as a signaling device […]


A Pragmatic Source For Music Educators

As a purveyor of musical news and thought, I feel compelled to share with you a wonderful periodical called THE INSTRUMENTALIST.
Most band directors are familiar with this magazine, but it also has much to offer music educators of all types, as well as many of us who have various
connections with music and musical interests. As an example, here are brief descriptions of some of the topics taken from the current February issue:
1. a middle school band director shares his approaches and methods that generate great success with 350 6th,7th, and 8th grade band students.
2. a second director (different school) who is director of bands,and is the performing arts department chair; outlines her development of organizational
tools that have resulted in wonderful growth and success with the band, orchestra, and choir. Among the tools used are Google Forms and Sheets;
Sign-Up Genius, and Mail Merge.
3. The Instrumentalist reviews newly published music.
4. Supports an Award Program for students in all of the musical disciplines
5. Publishes pertinent information for students (and teachers) desiring summer music camp for all disciplines
6. “How To” articles prepared by a wide variety of musical artists.
7. Industry News

WWW.theinstrumentalist.com fmahoney

Musicians Gravitate To …. Musicians!

Being humans, we naturally associate with others who have similar interests and tendencies. I have observed that this trait seems to be more prominent than is the case with many other interest groups. As I have no expert formalized proficiency in Sociology, I will acknowledge that (hopefully), I do have enough logic that I can accept that belief about music, and it’s often described “universal” language, as part of what is going on here.

Music does not require words to evoke emotions, though words can certainly add to the emotional stimulation!
Life-long and practical unions have certainly been observed by many.

For those of you who regard music as an integral part of life, this combination may offer a doubling of two of life’s very important components.

Or maybe it’s just the approaching of Valentine’s Day.

Musical Mentors Work: But You and the Mentor must agree on each of your roles.

In addition to the qualifications of your potential mentor, he or she should be acquainted with your capabilities, and be prepared to suggest and encourage you at every opportunity. She should be someone you respect and admire, who will lead you by her example. Hopefully, she will be a confidante and friend you can rely on when problems arise.
You, in-turn will also be forthright and honest with her. Keep in mind that she will be your teacher, advocate, and friend; she perhaps may become a true lifelong friend.
A relationship of this magnitude should be considered very seriously. As such, This is the essence of the mentor concept.

Hopeless ….translates to success ( No. 2)

Trumpet player number two was younger than the previous player, who somehow overcame illness and serious tragedy and multiple
surgeries, to see through despair and regain his former spectacular ability.

Player two was progressing, but seemed unable to generate the level of proficiency that was earlier expected by both the student
and teacher (mentor). She felt that if given the opportunity of starting to perform with lesser orchestras and performance venues,
her ability would be noticed, resulting in her gradually becoming noticed in the musical community. Teacher/Mentor continued to impress on her that the time would arrive when her “sound” would have the quality necessary to perform where she longed. A few more years of continued work and patience proved to result in exactly what the teacher had convinced her of, resulting in her renown throughout the music world. Mentor and student were both successful!

Hopeless…translates to success! ( No. 1)

As an occasional musical mentor, successful outcomes are worthy of the faith that results in the fruition. The first of three recent events have convinced me of the power of faith and commitment. Each example involves a trumpet player.
The first is a virtuoso player who I became aware of several years ago. He was scheduled to perform with an accompanying ensemble in my city; I had not seen or heard anything about him in some time,which made it enticing for me to hear his performance! I was amazed! Not only did he give an outstanding solo performance of trumpet
classics! He then performed with the jazz ensemble, with outstanding lead playing, and amazing jazz solos!
I learned after the performance, that he was only months from having had five oral surgical procedures that had nearly destroyed him. Successful outcomes do happen. I can only imagine all that went into this comeback.