Amazing Artists to Inspire your Woodwind Students

First, let’s take a moment and appreciate all of you hard-working music mentors out there. You all do such great work and aren’t always recognized for it, so I just want to say, you have my gratitude. It can be hard to keep students inspired and practicing every day. To help all of you out, here is a list of successful recording artists who specialize in woodwinds to play for or recommend to your students.

To start, there’s Melissa Aldana from Chile, a tenor saxophone player and true artist. She has already played in the states a few times and fans are begging her to come back. She’s known for having an exceptional tone that shines through note for note as she explores different melodies of familiar songs. Check out her self-titled album she recorded with The Crash Trio – you will not be disappointed.

Next is Sharon Cam. This incredible clarinet player comes from Israel and started playing when she was 12. Woodwind geeks everywhere love her playful, joyful approach to her music and hearing her natural talent come through. Her new CD Opera! is coming out is something you do not want to miss.

For a heartthrob your student can follow on Facebook, check out Martin Fröst. This clarinet player has made a name for himself by adding crazy costumes and energetic dance to his already stellar playing. Fans of classical music are hailing him as a genius and applauding his efforts to bring new crowds to the genre. No albums yet, but find his memorable video online for a shot in the arm.

German oboe player Thomas Hecker has been winning awards for a while now, but he also just released an album called Oboe Works. This collaborative effort gave him a chance to play with other great musicians like Mischa Meyer and Raphael Alpermann and is a great debut. He’s also pretty easy on the eyes, which makes his cover art extra attractive.

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