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Where Are The Mentors?

Mentors are generally available, but they usually don’t wear uniforms or name tags.
From a musical viewpoint, your Band or Choral Director may be a possible mentor. If you take private lessons, your instrumental or voice teacher might also be a potential mentor.
If you are thinking of a career in music, one or more individuals from the field of music should be possibilities. Among the qualifications for this role should also be individuals that you respect and view as interested in you and your life achievements.

Your search for mentors should begin within music educators and/or professional musicians.
We will have frequent commentaries on this subject.

6 Essential Tips for being a Better French Horn Player

The basis of being a good french horn player is good technique, so make sure you have the following points in mind the next time you’re practicing:
1) Control your breath, the french horn is a wind instrument, that means that your whole respiratory system, from your lungs to your nose and mouth, must work synchronized with it. Not only do you need to supply the instrument with a steady flow of air, remember, you also must save some for yourself. Make sure that when you blow the intrument, you keep a steady flow of air. Don’t just “spit the air”, but rather push it without variating the speed or force of the exhalation.
2) Keep your mouth open, imagine you have your mouth full of food, and try to make as most space inside your mouth as you possibly can. This will help you create a better resonance when you blow the instrument.

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The Benefits of Listening To Classic Music

Today music remains as a powerful tool in our society. Classic music among the other music remain as the most popular music worldwide and is connected to lower blood pressure, reduce pain and increase learners learning capabilities .

The following are the benefits of listening to classic music
i. Improves mental alertness- listening to classic music help passive listen to become active listeners. By listening to this music, learners with low IQ respond to their assigned task more accurately and faster, hence their mental alertness enhances.

ii. Improves baby’s power-Regular listening to classic music persuades baby to learn to distinguish different sounds, thus helping him/her in their auditory memory which is very important in language skills.
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Trumpet tips

The trumpet is a beautiful instrument that produces a beautiful sound. It is versatile and can be played in many types of bands, including orchestras, pop groups and big bands.

There are three main types of trumpets these are beginner, intermediate and professional trumpets. They are all different from each other and all are as they coincide skill level. It makes no sense for a starter to buy professional trumpet because first its high price and the second a beginner will still sound like beginner no matter how good is your trumpet. So the best choice is to buy intermediate trumpets because it sounds better than beginner and the price difference is not much. Professional trumpets are the best, but only if you play professionally or you have years of experience.

Here are Trumpet tips to help get the best trumpet

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5 Benefits You Ought To Know Of Playing In A Marching Band

Playing in a marching band is one of the interesting things that one can do. This is done with the aim of entertaining your viewers to enjoy the kind of movement that you are doing for them. The following are some of the benefits that will get when you participate in playing a marching band.

Dedication and commitment

This is where one has to be responsible and accountable on what is done by the band. The leaders in authority such as seniors, section leaders, drum majors, staff and directors within the marching band are all respected. The participants of the marching must appreciate compliance and cooperation.

Good sportsmanship

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