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Hopeless ….translates to success ( No. 2)

Trumpet player number two was younger than the previous player, who somehow overcame illness and serious tragedy and multiple
surgeries, to see through despair and regain his former spectacular ability.

Player two was progressing, but seemed unable to generate the level of proficiency that was earlier expected by both the student
and teacher (mentor). She felt that if given the opportunity of starting to perform with lesser orchestras and performance venues,
her ability would be noticed, resulting in her gradually becoming noticed in the musical community. Teacher/Mentor continued to impress on her that the time would arrive when her “sound” would have the quality necessary to perform where she longed. A few more years of continued work and patience proved to result in exactly what the teacher had convinced her of, resulting in her renown throughout the music world. Mentor and student were both successful!

Hopeless…translates to success! ( No. 1)

As an occasional musical mentor, successful outcomes are worthy of the faith that results in the fruition. The first of three recent events have convinced me of the power of faith and commitment. Each example involves a trumpet player.
The first is a virtuoso player who I became aware of several years ago. He was scheduled to perform with an accompanying ensemble in my city; I had not seen or heard anything about him in some time,which made it enticing for me to hear his performance! I was amazed! Not only did he give an outstanding solo performance of trumpet
classics! He then performed with the jazz ensemble, with outstanding lead playing, and amazing jazz solos!
I learned after the performance, that he was only months from having had five oral surgical procedures that had nearly destroyed him. Successful outcomes do happen. I can only imagine all that went into this comeback.

Ten Days Remaining; To Find And Listen To Magical Musical Performances

selecting gifts of music for friends and family…treating yourself with a new favorite recording of the Handel masterpiece that generates rejuvenation in this wonderful season!

Mentoring As A Career Path?

Some might suggest that teaching and mentoring are one and the same. To refute that fact, it might be put forth that the teacher guides and interprets the awareness and acceptance of certain bodies of knowledge; and in some instances, goes beyond imparting established utilization in pointing out accepted or  expected uses of that knowledge.

The mentor (who might be a teacher) goes well beyond the expected imparting  of knowledge. The mentor generally has aquired additional knowledge of the student who wants/needs expertise and advice in managing of his/her life decisions, which  is generally beyond the purview of the teacher.

The graduate school environment is the perfect incubator for the concept of Educational Mentors.

Bands of America, Grand National Championships

On November 11-14, 2015, this annual event was held in Indianapolis,Indiana, for its 40th Anniversary. The organization presented 19 Regional and Super Regional Championships across the country, culminating with the Grand National Championship. The finalists included 104 high school marching bands. If you have never seen and heard one of these events, it is worth the effort!

The Grand Champion for 2015  is Broken Arrow High School, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Band Director is Darwin  Davis.

2nd Place:   Avon High School, Avon, Ohio

3rd Place:   Hebron High School, Fort Worth, Texas