History of the Flute

The Flute is a musical instrument that is under the family of woodwind. Flute is basically a reedless wind musical instrument or aerophone unlike the woodwind instrument basically having reeds. Musicians who play flute are simply referred to flautist, flutist or a flute player.

The flute is one of the earliest made and used musical instruments. A number of flutes have been in existence between 43000-35000 years ago according to research dating in Swabian; in German. Te oldest flute ever discovered was discovered via dating around 43000 years ago in Divje Babe in Slovenia. However in 2008 a flute that existed around 35000 years ago in Hohle Fels (a cave near Germany). The flute found in Germany is confirmed to be oldest musical instrument discovered in the world. The flute was made from a vulture wing bone and was a five-holed flute and had a V-shaped mouthpiece. In 2004, a three-holed flute having a length of 18.7cm and was basically made from a mammoth’s tusk.

A 9000 year old flute; bone flute that was excavated from a tomb in Jiahu and still playable. It is made from wing bones of red-crowned cranes having holes ranging from 5-8. This flute was discovered in Central Chinese province of Henan. One of the earliest Chinese traverse flute is a chi excavated in the Tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng at the Suizhou site province in China. It was basically fashioned of lacquered bamboo having closed ends and five stops that are at the flute’s side instead of the top.

One of the oldest written references concerning a flute is from the Sumerians written in Sumerian’s language in a cuneiform tablet dated between 2600-2700BCE. Flutes are mentioned in one the epic poems “Epic Gilgamesh” whose growth spanned the duration of 2100-600 BCE.

From the Holy Bible (Genesis 4:21), 1st Samuel 10:5. 1st Kings 1:40, Isaiah 5:12, 30:29, Jeremiah 48:36 purely refer to the flute. Basically, this shows that the flute has been existence since time in memorial. Flutes have also been a very important in the Indian culture and mythology in India.

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