6 Essential Tips for being a Better French Horn Player

The basis of being a good french horn player is good technique, so make sure you have the following points in mind the next time you’re practicing: 1) Control your breath, the french horn is a wind instrument, that means […]

The history of woodwind instruments

The history of woodwind instruments dates back to time of first made tools for domestication and farming practices. The two main woodwind instruments used during these times were; flutes and reeds. People realized that they could make music from wind […]

History of the Flute

The Flute is a musical instrument that is under the family of woodwind. Flute is basically a reedless wind musical instrument or aerophone unlike the woodwind instrument basically having reeds. Musicians who play flute are simply referred to flautist, flutist […]

History of the French Horn

The french horn passes as an exceptionally beautiful musical instrument. The quality and mellow of sound from this bass family’s second highest sounding musical instrument has no close rival either from marching band, brass ensemble or orchestra. Yet, despite all […]

The Trumpet Through The Ages

The trumpet is more than a musical instrument. It is in fact part of world history. For thousands of years, it has played part in almost all major civilizations. It is believed that the trumpet was used as a signaling device […]


Ten Days Remaining; To Find And Listen To Magical Musical Performances

selecting gifts of music for friends and family…treating yourself with a new favorite recording of the Handel masterpiece that generates rejuvenation in this wonderful season!

Mentoring As A Career Path?

Some might suggest that teaching and mentoring are one and the same. To refute that fact, it might be put forth that the teacher guides and interprets the awareness and acceptance of certain bodies of knowledge; and in some instances, goes beyond imparting established utilization in pointing out accepted or  expected uses of that knowledge.

The mentor (who might be a teacher) goes well beyond the expected imparting  of knowledge. The mentor generally has aquired additional knowledge of the student who wants/needs expertise and advice in managing of his/her life decisions, which  is generally beyond the purview of the teacher.

The graduate school environment is the perfect incubator for the concept of Educational Mentors.

More Brass Wisdom From A Master

The legendary Adolph “Bud” Herseth, Principal Trumpet of the Chicago Symphony (for fifty-two years), advocated to his students that their practice regimen include equal amounts of rest to match the length of the planned rehearsal. This practice resulted in the student measuring what actually took place, as opposed to “how long”was spent in the practice room.

This also resulted in more success, with less muscular fatigue. This process was used by Herseth for many years himself. He coupled this procedure with his concept of practicing as diligently as though he was performing Mahler in Symphony Hall. His mind-over matter approach served him well over his long and very successful career, as the premier symphonic trumpeter of his time.


Bands of America, Grand National Championships

On November 11-14, 2015, this annual event was held in Indianapolis,Indiana, for its 40th Anniversary. The organization presented 19 Regional and Super Regional Championships across the country, culminating with the Grand National Championship. The finalists included 104 high school marching bands. If you have never seen and heard one of these events, it is worth the effort!

The Grand Champion for 2015  is Broken Arrow High School, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Band Director is Darwin  Davis.

2nd Place:   Avon High School, Avon, Ohio

3rd Place:   Hebron High School, Fort Worth, Texas

Musical Opportunities Abound!

Musical interests lead to new, and usually pleasant relationships! Musicians tend to be bright,curious, and high achievers. If you are a young person, just beginning your musical journey, you will have great opportunities ahead, and many interesting people to help you along the way!

If you are at the other end of the age spectrum, you also have opportunities awaiting. There are musical ensembles all around our country that are growing bands and choruses  for our Senior citizens (50+) who are now filling the rosters of this growing organization called New Horizon Bands and Choruses.  Look them up in your community.

If you do not have a New Horizon Band, send us your name to provide you the address of your closest one.