6 Essential Tips for being a Better French Horn Player

The basis of being a good french horn player is good technique, so make sure you have the following points in mind the next time you’re practicing: 1) Control your breath, the french horn is a wind instrument, that means […]

The history of woodwind instruments

The history of woodwind instruments dates back to time of first made tools for domestication and farming practices. The two main woodwind instruments used during these times were; flutes and reeds. People realized that they could make music from wind […]

History of the Flute

The Flute is a musical instrument that is under the family of woodwind. Flute is basically a reedless wind musical instrument or aerophone unlike the woodwind instrument basically having reeds. Musicians who play flute are simply referred to flautist, flutist […]

History of the French Horn

The french horn passes as an exceptionally beautiful musical instrument. The quality and mellow of sound from this bass family’s second highest sounding musical instrument has no close rival either from marching band, brass ensemble or orchestra. Yet, despite all […]

The Trumpet Through The Ages

The trumpet is more than a musical instrument. It is in fact part of world history. For thousands of years, it has played part in almost all major civilizations. It is believed that the trumpet was used as a signaling device […]


Amazing Artists to Inspire your Woodwind Students

First, let’s take a moment and appreciate all of you hard-working music mentors out there. You all do such great work and aren’t always recognized for it, so I just want to say, you have my gratitude. It can be hard to keep students inspired and practicing every day. To help all of you out, here is a list of successful recording artists who specialize in woodwinds to play for or recommend to your students.

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How to Become Good at Playing the Trumpet

In a world filled with pressure and stressful circumstances, music comes in as a form of relieve and relaxation. Most of us aspire to get that quiet place where we can relax and enjoy soothing music in life. The trumpet is one of the musical instruments that capture the best of wind instruments.

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Appreciation of the Trombone


Students who play the trombone, one of the classic jazz and big band instruments, have taken on a lot. Their instrument of choice is long and bulky, it produces a bizarre sound and it is highly demanding. So, good for them for choosing a sound that demands hard work and a lot of love. Here’s how you can make the most of practice time with your learner:

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