The Benefits of Listening To Classic Music

Today music remains as a powerful tool in our society. Classic music among the other music remain as the most popular music worldwide and is connected to lower blood pressure, reduce pain and increase learners learning capabilities .

The following are the benefits of listening to classic music
i. Improves mental alertness- listening to classic music help passive listen to become active listeners. By listening to this music, learners with low IQ respond to their assigned task more accurately and faster, hence their mental alertness enhances.

ii. Improves baby’s power-Regular listening to classic music persuades baby to learn to distinguish different sounds, thus helping him/her in their auditory memory which is very important in language skills.

iii. Helps in fighting of cancer-Listening to this kind of music lead to destruction of MCF-7 cell which are said to cause breast cancer. These cells are usually exposed by composing them where three out of five cells die, hence reducing high chances of getting cancer.

iv. Improves the quality of the sleep-Classic music produces soothing instrumental sound which improves the level of sleep to adult creating the relaxation mood.

v. Manage pain and reduces depression-Classic music comes with various rhythm, pitch and sound which revoke bad emotions in listeners, thus reliving pain and depression.

vi. Relieves chronic pain-Chronic pain can sometime be challenge to a number of people , but researcher found that through listening to classic music helps in increasing in spatial-temporal reasoning of brains and numbs, leading to relieving of the excessive pain.

vii. Lowers blood pressure-This group of music lowers post-systolic blood pressure, when those affected increases their rate of listening to this type of music the blood pressure lowers.

viii. Brings a soothing effect-Classic music brings a soothing effect to the babies when played moderately since it create a calming effects making the heart to beat slow creating a relaxing mood to the babies. This is because the music makes the brain to release endorphins which relaxes the body.

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