The Trumpet Through The Ages

The trumpet is more than a musical instrument. It is in fact part of world history. For thousands of years, it has played part in almost all major civilizations. It is believed that the trumpet was used as a signaling device in Ancient Egypt, Greece and the Far East. During the Romantic period, the trumpet was evident in various forms of art such as literature and music. In this era,the trumpet was used for signalling and proclaiming the presence of important people at social gatherings. It was later when the trumpet began to be considered as a musical instrument.

It was not until the 15th century that the instrument got its folded shape. Previously it was just a long tube with little musical significance. It was used for religious and military purpose as shown by historical records. Back then,trumpeters were highly protected military officers. Their role in battle was very important, relaying information over long distances.

The design of the modern trumpet began taking shape in the Middle Ages as well as Renaissance period. More natural trumpets capable of making music came up. They could however be able to produce very little notes because they did not have valves. By the Romantic Era, the instrument improved and keys and valves were added. This let to its chromatic use, It was now able to play any note and earned a spot as a dominant musical instrument.

In the 20th century,”Pop Music” emerged. This era of recording music meant a song could become a hit by reaching many people at once. Previously,many musical instruments did not sound well translated into tape. With the trumpet, it was different and became a favorite due to its unique, clear focused sound. The likes of iconic Louis Armstrong together with miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie later on brought the trumpet to the forefront.

The trumpet has been a constant figure throughout history and today can be heard in all kinds of music from rock to jazz to classical and even hip hop! Your trumpet is more than just a musical instrument but a part of humanity for centuries.


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