Trumpet tips

The trumpet is a beautiful instrument that produces a beautiful sound. It is versatile and can be played in many types of bands, including orchestras, pop groups and big bands.

There are three main types of trumpets these are beginner, intermediate and professional trumpets. They are all different from each other and all are as they coincide skill level. It makes no sense for a starter to buy professional trumpet because first its high price and the second a beginner will still sound like beginner no matter how good is your trumpet. So the best choice is to buy intermediate trumpets because it sounds better than beginner and the price difference is not much. Professional trumpets are the best, but only if you play professionally or you have years of experience.

Here are Trumpet tips to help get the best trumpet

Price range

First, you must decide what your budget is. Are there trumpets for under $ 200? You bet. Is it worth spending more than $ 1,000? Probably not. Although we all have big dreams for ourselves or our children, be honest with yourself. spending over $ 1000 dollars on your first instrument could not be an excellent investment. You should take it slow. Test the waters with a cheaper trumpet.

Trumpet Type

What kind of trumpet do you buy? In your research, you may have heard of a piccolo trumpet, pocket trumpet, C trumpet, Bb trumpet, cornet, horn flugal, and the list goes on. For your first trumpet, stick to the most common trumpet, Bb trumpet (read “flat”). This is the only type of trumpet used to in elementary school bands. Most secondary schools do not have anything other than play trumpet Bb well.


Make sure you buy the instrument that comes with a mouthpiece and case. Unless you buy a used trumpet this should never be a problem. If you buy a used trumpet, buying a case of standard trumpet is not too difficult. It should cost about $ 50.

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